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Possibility Probing

Possibility Probing: How to Create Personal Change and Enhance Professional Performance

No sugarcoating. No babysitting. Raquel Eatmon helps audiences see their current situation and track the behavior/actions that paved the way. Through her own extraordinary journey of hardships turned success, she shares the lessons learned through her work and the secrets shared from many high-level achieving men and women. From her TV news anchor desk to her leadership conference stage, Raquel has developed leadership principles with her team and helped them see beyond the limits. She helps achievers around the world build a plan and take action in noting what is possible when you reevaluate failure and redefine success.


Take the Floor: Delivering an Authentic Message and Moving People to Take Incredible Action

Raquel Eatmon's television news afforded her the opportunity to cover a range of topics in various markets including CBS 11 in Dallas, Texas. She interviewed subjects, wrote and delivered hundreds of stories for a live telecast, a communication skill that easily transferred to the business world. Today she helps others identify with the barriers preventing them from communicating well in social and public forums. She guides you through various self-awareness exercises constructed to give you and in depth look at who you are being and how others see you. You will improve your ability to deliver a succinct message, one that moves people to take action.


Entrepreneurship: Expectation & Excellence

Raquel's journey to starting Rising Media, LLC, a communications company, was anything but easy. A few short years later she founded the Woman of Power Leadership Conference and ProjectHERD, a digital website for high achievers. She joined many small business owners on the rollercoaster ride. Raquel helps business owners understand essential marketing techniques that help you win while building a powerful network of influential people. She leads the audience through an insightful strategy of turning rejection into resources and fear into excitement. Learn how to maximize your entrepreneur muscle with Raquel

Women's Empowerment

Women's Empowerment

At the top of Raquel's wheelhouse is a clear, defined space for helping women excel. She was raised by three women: Mother, Grandmother and Great-Grandmother, she developed a passion for women early on. Today, she is a highly sought after Keynote Speaker and Panelists on topics related to women. She founded the Woman of Power Leadership Conference and narrows in on a sustainability focus while also encouraging wellness. She has a variety of teaching points dedicated to women. Contact us for more information.

The Layers of Leadership

The Layers of Leadership

Raquel Eatmon uses an interactive platform that elevates participant toward higher levels of achievement through three actions: Intention, Influence and Integrity. Raquel helps people gauge their professional performance and personal growth within their communities or organizations and measure the results with their desired outcome. Engaged participants will develop a smart and efficient way to tap into emotional intelligence competencies while becoming more effective leaders. Raquel's value-based system empowers people to be accountable, take great action and help others along the way.

Customize It

Customize It

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Support & Praise

From personal presence to exceptional leadership Raquel is a dynamic motivational person. I had the opportunity to work with Raquel in an environment with over 800 expected Women Leaders in the city of Cleveland, and from beginning to end Raquel delivered an impactful, motivational, and inspiring presentation. Raquel’s personal story and reclamation to leadership as well as her ability to engage and motivate women is exceptional. We were truly impressed and wowed by Raquel. So much so that we are trying to figure out how we can get her involved with our Women's Leadership Institute on an ongoing basis. Raquel is a force to be reckoned with, and I look forward to working with Raquel for years to come.


Twyla Turner

Coordinator, Operations


"Poised, captivating and authentic are only three of the many words that describe Raquel Eatmon. I had the pleasure of hearing Raquel as a keynote speaker at Ursuline College. She spoke on The Power of Resilience in the 21st Century. Her message was captivating as she took us through the peaks and valleys of her personal journey to her highly competitive career as a news anchor for a major network in Dallas. Her personal antidotes, quotes from her book and lessons were life-changing. The room was packed and she left us all WANTING MORE!"


Debrorah Wasylko, MBA

President & Founder

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