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Getting On With It

By Raquel Eatmon
May 17, 2016 Category: Success, Leadership, Career Growth, Optimizing

Complacency isnt comfortable to me. While Im grateful for my accomplishments and the sensational people in my life, I want to do more, give more and be more. I havent met a person yet who has shared opposite sentiments. Were all searching for ways to broaden our scope and live a life that encompasses fulfillment, freedom (to be ourselves) and opportunities to give back and offer a hand up to the next person. Were all searching for ways to feel better. I, along with an inspiring graphic artist and tech team, built this site to give us all a chance at having more. I built this space to streamline successful strategies for our personal and professional lives. I built it to connect courageous people together. There is serious rat race happening in many societies today: Were racing to be first, the fastest, smartest, most beautiful, skinniest, most handsome, most likable..the best at everything. Were comparing ourselves to the images plastered across televisions and social media.

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